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Mango Kiwi Luxury Bath and Body Products - Sabon NYC

An island paradise awaits, and you can travel there any time with the Mango Kiwi luxury bath and body product collection from Sabon USA. We formulated this fragrance by recreating our happiest memories of carefree beach vacations and encapsulating them into a delightful tropical scent. Mango and kiwi is a well-known pair, and that pair gets even better when mingled with the top notes of pear and lychee and supported by a warm wave of musk as the base note. The result is a delightful scent that takes you away to summertime bliss, and lets you stay there as long as you like.


Mango and kiwi make an ideal pairing as the main components of this scent, as each brings out the best in the other. Sabon USA’s marriage of the two emphasizes these complements—the sweetness of a mango at the precise point it reaches divine perfection and the sweetness with a touch of tart that you’d find in a kiwi in paradise. Plunge into this tropical heaven with our line of luxury bath and body products, with absolutely no travel required.

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