Green Rose

The scent of Green Rose will take you on an energizing journey, like feeling warm rays of sun over your skin in springtime, allowing yourself to dance as if no one is watching. An invigorating sensation that will set you free time and time again.

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Green roses may not receive the same attention as their more traditionally hued counterparts, but that’s one of the reasons we fell in love with this hidden gem. It is so often cast as a supporting character, we decided it was high time to give green roses the spotlight. We worked tirelessly to combine floral scents until we at last captured the soft, gentle essence within what is truly the emerald of roses. This is a floral fragrance at its best: Clean, sweet and wholly mesmerizing. Close your eyes and it will easily transport you to a garden in the English countryside awash in rose blooms, or wherever you want this rose scent to ferry you. Green roses may become one of your favorite flowers, too.

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