Delicate Jasmine

The scent of our Delicate Jasmine will take you on a refreshing adventure, just like the feeling of reaching a mountaintop filled with adventurous butterflies. An addictive sensation you will be able to repeat daily.

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Treating yourself to a little TLC is easy when you have these delicate jasmine skin care products from Sabon USA. From hand cream to body lotion to shower oil, each of these luxurious items allows you to experience a refreshing and uplifting moment in your day. The fresh floral scent has a sensual aroma that will delight your senses and leave an alluring fragrance on your skin all day long. When you use these products, you'll enjoy the soothing sensation of a beautiful aroma while also nourishing your skin with healthy natural ingredients. Shop at Sabon USA to browse through our complete collection of bath and body products featuring our popular delicate jasmine scent.

Carefully Crafted Fragrance

At Sabon, we believe that aromatherapy is an important component of natural skin care. Our products are designed with carefully crafted fragrances, and our delicate jasmine scent is no exception. This unique, custom-made blend uses essential oils to deliver the delicate jasmine scent that's become one of our most popular fragrances at Sabon. Whether it's featured in our luxurious hand cream or an exfoliating body scrub, this light floral scent has a sensual aroma that's romantic and feminine. The authentic jasmine fragrance allows you to feel like you're walking through a lush garden on a bright spring day.

Nurture Your Skin

You'll love the way that the delicate jasmine scent lingers on your skin after using any of these Sabon skin care products. However, these items also offer exceptional benefits when it comes to skin care. Our jasmine scented body lotion, bath oils and more are all made with nourishing ingredients that help to heal and rejuvenate dry or dull skin. You'll also find products like sprays and perfumes that can add even more of this lovely jasmine scent to your daily routine. Shop at Sabon USA today to select a variety of delicate jasmine bath oils, body scrubs and more.

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