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How do you use SabonLive? Some of our suggestions…

“I need help finding a gift”

Our team knows all about the perfect gift – its part of our Brand DNA! We can walk you through all the options at every price point.

“I’m nervous to try something new”

Got product questions? Lucky for you, we use it ourselves so we know to give you real and honest information about what product will suit your need. We can even video chat to let you see the texture and feel of the product.

“What products work well together?”

We love a 3 step ritual if you want to build onto your current routine, we can help you find the best complimentary products. Send us a photo of your medicine cabinet or product shelf so we can give you exactly what you need!

“How do I know I’ll like the scent?”

Let us walk you through some of our most loved fragrances. With a few key questions we will narrow down the options and help you find your signature SABON scent!

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