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April 26th, 2022

Wild Pear featured in inTouch as the Scent of Spring Season

inTouch Magazine featured Wild Pear, the new Limited Edition scent from our Petit Marche collection, as the scent of this Spring!

Discover the Petit Marche Collection!

April 24th, 2022

Gift Set voted Best Gift for Mother's Day by NewBeauty

NewBeauty voted our Capture the Moment GIft Set as Best Gift for Mother's Day this year! 

SABON created a curated selection of wonderful Mother's Day Gift to pamper the special her in your life as she deserves.

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April 22nd, 2022

SABON Gifts elected best gifts by The Zoe Report

The Zoe Report recently published an artcile featuring the best gift ideas for people you don't know privately. The Art of Gifting is one of SABON's philosophy and generosity our number one value.

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April 18th, 2022

Self-Care Kits favorited by Allure

Allure recently featured our famous SABON Self-Care Kit for our support to Coronavirus Relief. SABON donated a share of our sales to support first responders and individuals in need as a result of the pandemic.

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April 14th, 2022

Hand Sanitizer featured in Rolling Stones

Our luxurious SABON Hand Sanitizers were featured in an article by Rolling Stones for best sanitizers to get asides from Amazon.

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February 28th, 2022

World Famous Body Scrubs selected for GOOP Picks!

SABON's World Famous Body Scrubs were recently selected for GOOP Picks by the beauty website Goop!

In the article called "How to Extend your Summer Tan", SABON's Body Scrub exfoliating benefits are in the highlight.

SABON's Body Scrubs marry precious ingredients from 4 botanical oils to Dead Sea salts, in a unique proprietary recipe that is beloved all around the world.

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February 27th, 2022

SABON featured in Netflix's Hit Series "Inventing Anna"

SABON was recently featured in the Netflix's hit series "inventing Anna", retracing the story of Anna Sorokin, the fake German heiress who scammed her way into New York's elite and finance moguls.

In the second episode, SABON products were spotted into the bathroom of a millionaire, in the Hamptons.

Shower Oil, Hand Cream, Hand Soap, Aromas and Beauty Oils were placed all over in the scene!

A Brand Ambassador from our SABON SoHo Boutique remembers:

"A production company came and asked us what would look great in a rich person's bathroom! So of course, SABON was the place they needed to be! We recommended them some of our essentials that we believe should be in everyone's bathroom."

SABON is a staple of luxurious self-care and at-home spa therapy.

February 16th, 2022

2 in 1 Face Polisher featured in VOGUE

SABON's 2 in 1 Face Polisher was featured in a article by Kiana Murden (@maashont) for VOGUE.

She interviewed artist Jeon Somi on how to recreate her look from the latest music video Anymore.

Jeon recommends using our 2 in 1 Face Polisher to help her easy her morning puffiness.

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