Petit Marche, Lavander Apple

Mini Body Scrub

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New Limited Edition

SABON invites you to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and be transported to an enchanting secret destination on the Mediterranean coast, where you follow cheerful voices, fresh seasonal fragrances, and timeless aromas to a magical local market that can’t be found in any guidebook.

As you step into the PETIT MARCHÉ, our fruity little market, your senses awaken and you are enveloped by an inebriating, exhilarating world of bold colors, sweet scents, and mouthwatering fruit flavors. Yet this is still only the beginning of your journey.


Body Scrub

Our iconic Body Scrub dressed in a festive cotton cup ornament, especially for this collection.
This Body Scrub was developed to energize and nourish dry skin and is enriched with Dead-sea salt rich in beneficial minerals, and 4 botanical oils; Almond, Jojoba, Andiroba & Acai. It gently removes dead skin cells and revitalizes the skin, leaving it silky and smooth.

60 g


Lavender Apple
Fruity & Natural

Sweet sensations of simpler times combine in this crisp yet calming fruity fragrance, evoking the pure joys of a childhood spent playing in apple orchards and on hillsides blooming with purple lavender blossoms. Opening with the juicy freshness of green apple, lavandin, and dewy grass leaves, light natural notes continue into the soothing complexities of lavender blossom, gently brightened by tangerine, and then warmed by clementine blossom, musk, and white wood.

3 main essences:
Lavender – Green Apple – Clementine Blossom



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