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3 In 1 Dead Sea Mask & Scrub

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The mineral-rich composition of the Dead Sea is a unique source of vitality for the skin and the soul.

Formulated with healing minerals from the Dead Sea, the 3-in-1 Mask & Scrub is the ultimate treatment for the skin.

As a mask, the formula infuses the skin with healing dead sea ingredients for a deep recovery:

  • Dead sea mud deeply absorbs excess oil to mattify the skin, clear pores and prevent imperfections.
  • Dead Sea algae frees the skin of its toxins and protects it against environmental stress and pollution.
  • Dead Sea water helps to replenish the skin with precious minerals to maintain a healthy and radiant glow.
    As a scrub, the formula exfoliates the skin:
  • Extracts from the Dead Sea are natural exfoliants from the soil that gently remove dead skin cells and resurface the skin.

    ❶ Reduces and prevents skin imperfections
    ❷ Refines skin texture
    ❸ Boots glow and reveal radiant looking skin
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