Frequently Asked Questions



Do all of Sabon's products contain ingredients from the Dead Sea?

No, not all of Sabon products contain ingredients from the Dead Sea. All products, are however, manufactured in Israel.

Our Body Scrub, Bath Balls, Bath Salts and Mineral Powder all contain minerals from the Dead Sea.

In 2015, we launched our first-ever exclusive Dead Sea Collection, view the line here.

Why are synthetic chemicals used in your products?

Many ingredients are used for preservation of the contents, without these chemical preservatives, the products would not last more than several days. The only instance when a synthetic material is acceptable is when there is no viable natural alternative and it has absolutely no negative effects — on you or the environment.

The term "fragrance" on our labels may indicate the use of natural fragrance (essential oils), synthetic fragrance or a combination of both. Sabon makes every attempt to use blends of natural oils in formulating our fragrances. However, on certain occasions, it may be necessary to use synthetic ingredients in our fragrances in order to sufficiently mix the fragrance with the product formula base and to keep the product stable.

Which products are not Vegan friendly?

A short list of products that may not be vegan friendly: Body Butter (Beeswax), Candles (Beeswax), Desert Flower Moisture Lotion (Elastin), Loofah Soap (Sea Cucumber).

What are your candles made from?

Our candles are made from a combination of coconut wax. Coconut wax is a natural, biodegradable, wax made from the flesh and oil of coconuts.