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Soap Accessories & Bath Accessories

Our spa tools, bath and soap accessories are perfect companions to our signature Sabon USA spa and body care products. Let our hand-crafted aromatherapy products whisk you away to a place of healing, relaxation and rejuvenation — our bath accessories can help bring out the best in our complete body-care line with their circulation-boosting textures, moisturizer-enhancing fabrics and exfoliating properties.

Glow in Luxury

Sabon USA’s selection of bath accessories are made to enhance our body care products. Our own Sabon USA wood scoops help you dole out just the right amount of our Delicate Jasmine Mineral Powder or our Luxury Body Scrubs for your hot bath or shower so you can wind down after a hectic day. Our moisturizing socks and gloves to allow your skin to drink in the healing, moisturizing powers of any of our Butter Hand Creams, Butter Foot Creams and other signature-scented hand creams or lotions.

Spa Luxury from Head to Toe

Shop Sabon USA for the most exquisite spa tools and accessories, bags, cases and apparel to pamper your skin and awaken your senses. From the luxurious practicality and convenience of super-soft towels to exfoliating bath accessories, our spa-day accessories are designed to help you take advantage of the healing powers of our very own artisanal bath soaps and products.  Drench your skin in moisture and softly scented luxury with our lotions and complete body care — from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

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