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Enter into a new age of home fragrance with these aroma reed diffusers from Sabon NYC. Made of natural strips of bamboo, each aroma stick slowly absorbs scented oil before releasing a subtle yet sophisticated fragrance within your home. This creates a lush, decadent atmosphere where you can engage your senses, breathe deeply and soothe your soul. Perfect for any room in the home, these fragrance reed diffusers are available in a wide range of scents to allow you to customize each space with the aroma of your choosing. Shop at Sabon today to discover a new way to channel some of nature's most alluring scents into your home.

Subtle Scents for Any Space

Why not enjoy a delightful aroma when you step into every room of your home? Our home fragrance diffusers from Sabon allow you to tailor each space with a specific scent that fits the room. Perhaps you want a light floral reed diffuser for your bedroom, so you can awaken to the lovely aroma of fresh garden flowers. For your kitchen, a fruity or citrus-inspired scent is the perfect accent to your delicious home-cooked meals. To create a cozy living room, consider one of our popular patchouli scents with a warm, earthy aroma. With so many options, you can easily define each space in your home with its own signature fragrance.

Nature-Inspired Fragrances

At Sabon, we believe in the soothing and healing magic of aromatherapy. By developing a wide range of natural fragrances for our aroma reed diffusers as well as our bath and body products, we've made it possible to discover soothing moments for your mind, body and soul in the comfort of your own home. Sabon uses natural ingredients to infuse your home with subtle scents without dispensing any harmful chemicals into the air, like other home fragrance products. Find peaceful moments of serenity when you breathe in the beautiful aromas from Sabon home fragrance diffusers.

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