If you want to give your skin a boost beyond your regular routine, a face exfoliator is ready to do the trick. Face exfoliators come in a variety of types and formulations. All carry the same goal of helping your face shed the old skin cells and invigorate the new.

Your facial skin goes through the exfoliation process naturally. Old skin cells are at the top layer of the epidermis, while new skin cells are born at the bottom. The older cells serve as a protective barrier as the new cells make their way to the top. The oldest skin cells eventually die and flake off, with newer cells taking their place.

We get a new outer layer of skin every 30 days or so, although the process slows down as we age. That's where a face exfoliator can truly come to the rescue.

Facial Exfoliation Benefits

When old skin cells are removed and new ones take their place, the result is glowing, rejuvenated skin. Exfoliators also stimulate circulation and help maintain an even skin tone. Additional benefits can include clearing your pores, helping with acne and decreasing the appearance of fine lines.

How to Choose a Face Exfoliator

Now that you know the exfoliator's purpose and process, it's time to determine what face exfoliator is right for you. Important factors to note include the ingredients and the abrasiveness.

The more abrasive the formula, the higher the risk of skin redness or irritation. You're best off with a face exfoliator that comes in the form of a gentle polish infused with soothing, moisturizing ingredients.

Natural ingredients are always a plus for facial products, as they tend to be gentler and come with healing properties. Ingredients derived from ocean plants, fruits, and natural oils are ideal in a face exfoliator. You'll also want to ensure the product you choose contains enriching moisturizer and is sulfate-free and paraben-free.

Even the gentlest face exfoliators should only be used once or twice a week for best results. A little exfoliation can go a long way toward brighter, healthier skin. Shop the line of luxury face exfoliants at Sabon NYC today.