Sabon soap doesn’t come in an average pre-packaged box sealed in plastic. There is nothing average about our soap, which is personally sliced for you in the weight and scent of your choosing. It’s like your soap destiny.

With all of that power and so many different types to choose from, selecting the one that is right for you can be overwhelming. If your have sensitive skin, though, our Vanilla Coconut Soap was made for you. The gently cleansing vanilla oil and replenishing coconut extracts will heal and revitalize your skin.

When it rains, it pours. Sensitive skin sufferers are often prone to have hair with split ends or dandruff, as if having troublesome skin wasn’t enough. Thankfully, this can help you with both. It is perfectly natural to use a bar of soap as a scalp treatment when it balances your skin and gives your hair as much shine as this will.

Despite the all inclusive healing qualities this soap has to offer, the natural features are just as appealing. Cleanse your art pallet as well. You can use it as home décor, or let the fragrance radiate by placing a bar inside closets or confined spaces.