o matter where your vacation plans take you—to sun, sea, snow, family or any combination thereof—your beauty routine must follow. That’s vital to ensure wellness throughout your journey because if you don’t value self-care, who will?

Thankfully, Sabon NYC has packaged your favorites—and our own—in travel-size editions that are as eager to explore as you are (but who are also happy to turn in early, as the case may be). Simply pop these travel beauty essentials in your suitcase or carry-on and you’ll be ready for virtually anything even the most rigorous adventures coming your way. After all, we honed our craft thanks in large part to world travel, so we know the value of exploring new shores for mind, body and soul.

 As you’re packing for your next adventure, here are the top four beauty travel-size products we recommend you consider first:

  1. Fabric Mist: It’s been a long flight. Or a long car ride. Or a long train journey. You know what we mean. You’re travelworn and starting to strain at the edges and are tempted to hide out in our hotel room all night. But, don’t fret—with simply a few spritzes of our refreshing fabric mist, you—and the space around you—will be good as new, no matter how long you’ve been traveling, or who you’ve been traveling with. This light, refreshing mist is up to the task of making you feel whole again.
  2. Shower Oil: Don’t settle for those miniature bottles from the hotel with harsh cleansers that will strip your skin of vital nutrients and leave you feeling frazzled. Instead, bring along a travel-size version of your favorite shower oil to enjoy luxurious body care—not to mention hydration and nourishment—no matter where you go.
  3. Body scrub: Cap off a relaxing vacation day—or hectic travel—with Sabon NYC’s refreshing body scrub. This travel-size version of a true Sabon NYC favorite is like a pocket-size version of the Dead Sea you can carry with you at all times to help you look and feel your best. Don’t let pressurized airplane cabins or stress wreak havoc on your skin. Instead, keep this travel-sized wonder on hand at all times for balance and calm.
  4. Hand Cream: Your hands reveal so much about you—keep them looking their best with our travel-size hand cream, which comes in a range of brilliant fragrances to suit virtually any preference. Enhanced with aloe vera and vitamin E, this cream will defend your skin from even the most vigorous adventures you put them through.

Sabon NYC devotees know the value of quality skincare. We never want our customers to have to do without, which is why we’ve packaged these favorites to make on-the-go body care a breeze.

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