Even if you go out of your way to pay attention to your skincare routine, you may be making mistakes without even realizing it. As a luxury skincare product company, we here at Sabon NYC have seen the same mistakes being made again and again. This handy rundown gives you a rundown on the most common skin care mistakes, along with solutions to remedy them.

Exfoliating Too Much

Facial and body exfoliants can provide amazing results. So much so that you may want to use them every day. Don't. Scrubs and exfoliants are designed to slough away dead skin cells on the top layer of skin, but excessive use can remove too much of the top layer. That top layer serves as a protective barrier against sun damage and environmental toxins.

We recommend using Sabon NYC Body Scrubs no more than twice a week-and only on your body. The delicate skin on your face requires a facial exfoliant with a gentler formulation specifically designed for facial skin.

Sleeping with Makeup On

Falling asleep without properly cleansing your face is asking for trouble. When you leave on makeup throughout the night, your oil glands and pores can become clogged. Once makeup enters your pores, they appear larger. Not only can this lead to inflammation, but enlarged pores may also have a hard time returning to their natural size.

Besides, the nightly face-washing ritual can be a luxurious, stress-reducing experience. This particularly applies with the sophisticated line of Sabon NYC facial cleansers with specific properties, such as anti-pollution and anti-aging.

Taking Showers in Too-Hot Water

Hot water may feel good at the time, but consistently showering in it can take a toll on your skin. Too-hot water can eventually strip your skin of its much-needed moisture and oils. Go for warm showers instead, and try to limit them to less than 10 minutes each. Choosing a moisturizing body cleanser can also help you achieve and maintain soft, sensual skin. Sabon NYC Shower Oil is a luxurious liquid soap that deeply moisturizes while it cleanses.

Not Paying Attention to Skincare Product Ingredients

Not all skincare products are created equal. In fact, not even all luxury skincare products are created equal. Even if you opt for high-end skincare products, you want to make sure they are high-quality. We refer to high-quality as being free from chemicals that can be harsh or damaging to your skin.

Sabon NYC skincare products are inspired by nature, and we tap into its goodness by using many natural ingredients that rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. They vary from product to product, but you'll find natural components that include vitamins, minerals, essential oils-and even seaweed extract and Dead Sea salts.

Give your skin the loving care it deserves, and it's likely to love you right back, staying fresh, fabulous and healthy for years to come. Start by correcting any skin care mistakes you may be making. Then bring even more love into the equation by stocking up on skin-enhancing products from Sabon NYC. Shop now.