Although facial cleansers, serums, masks and exfoliants are essential, the most important part of your skin care routine is face moisturizer. In fact, if you had to choose a single beauty product to have on a desert island, a quality face moisturizer would be it. Several factors come into play when choosing the best face cream for you.

Safe and Gentle

Everyone's skin is different, and facial skin is particularly delicate. That means you want to make sure the face lotion you choose is gentle, safe and doesn't contain any ingredients that irritate your skin. If any do leave your skin red or irritated, it's crucial to discontinue use immediately. Look for those that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and free of petrochemicals and other harsh ingredients.

Enriched with Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients tend to be less irritating for the skin, reducing sensitivity and potential reactions. They may also contain vitamins for nourishment and provide soothing benefits as well as powerful protection. Prime choices include natural ingredients such as jojoba and other oils, seaweed extract and cocoa butter.

Meets Your Specific Needs

Once a face cream meets the first two criteria, it's time to get specific. You'll find a variety of different face cream formulations that are designed to bring specific benefits. Perhaps you're looking for a face cream that protects delicate facial skin against harmful pollutants, or one with anti-aging properties. Maybe you're looking for one that targets dry, cracked and sensitive skin.

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