You've been told to each your oranges and get your fill of vitamin C, but did you know this vitamin has amazing skin benefits as well? When consumed through food or supplements, vitamin C helps your body heal and boosts immunity. When applied topically, vitamin C can do wonders for your skin, including moisturizing and smoothing it. If you don't already have vitamin C in your skin care routine, here's why you should add it.

It's Safe for Most Skin Types

Vitamin C is great because it's safe for almost every skin type, including sensitive skin. However, if your skin is extremely sensitive or oily, you might want to be careful and ask your dermatologist before using a new product. As with all bath and body products, you should do a patch test with vitamin C serums and products containing vitamin C to make sure they don't irritate your skin. If you pass your skin test, you have the green like to make this nutrient powerhouse an essential part of your body care.

It Hydrates and Smooths Skin

Vitamin C helps prevent water loss, which makes it easier for your skin to lock in moisturize. Because of this, it's a great ingredient to have in lotions and body butter. If you want to use a vitamin C serum, it should be used between cleansing and moisturizing your face. These serums will allow your skin to latch onto the moisturizing ingredients in your favorite creams and lotions.

Along with hydration, vitamin C can smooth the texture and tone of your skin. Many anti-aging products contain vitamin C because it boosts collagen production, which can prevent unsightly wrinkles and sagging. It can also reduce redness, alleviate under-eye circles and lighten dark spots for smoother skin tone and boost of confidence.

It Protects Your Skin

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning one if its biggest functions is protecting the skin. This is another way it works to hide signs of aging, and it also means vitamin C can protect your skin from UV damage. This doesn't mean it can replace your daily SPF, though. Vitamin C might not be able to block UVA or UVB rays, but it can reduce the sun damage that causes wrinkles and blotches.

It Can Heal Skin and Reduce Appearance of Scars

Just like ingesting vitamin C helps your body heal, using it topically helps your skin heal. Since vitamin C boosts collagen production, it can make minor wounds such as open sores heal faster. This means a lower chance of scarring and inflammation.

If you have acne-prone skin, you might have acne scars when your skin wasn't able to properly heal. Vitamin C can't prevent acne, but it can help prevent and reduce the scarring left behind. Vitamin C's collagen production also makes your skin more elastic, which can work to prevent stretch marks.

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