Mother's Day collection

Mother’s Day is approaching, and now is the perfect time to choose the perfect gift.

Whether you feel she deserves something to transform her bathroom to a luxurious home spa, or would prefer to give her a set of gentle oils, lotions or gels for her and her baby as summer approaches, the perfect Mother’s Day gift is an expression of love and respect. Choose between items she really needs or spoil her with something inspirational that will lift her mood – whatever direction you are leaning in, we have explored the seven best mother’s day gift ideas around.

1.    Skin Scrubs and Exfoliation

The mom who has everything but enough time to herself will cherish treats that help transform her daily beauty regime to an energy boosting, mood lifting experience. Indulgent, natural body scrubs can bring out her most radiant good looks while brightening all her senses. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and oils, natural body scrubs offer more than rejuvenating exfoliation – they are perfect mother’s day gifts that empower her with endless confidence and optimism.

2. Mineral Powders

If you want to treat your mother to even deeper relaxation, consider mineral powders. This is the ultimate mother’s day gift to reduce stress. Rich and effervescent, these powders are added into the running hot water of a bath, where their powerful blend of salts, minerals and essential oils are proven to lower blood pressure, ease aching muscles and encourage a restful state of body and mind.

3. Bath Accessories

Comfortable, long-lasting bath accessories for the home spa make incredibly popular mother’s day gifts. She may have all the gels and emulsions she needs, but does she have a quality, ultra-soft bath brush for those hard-to-reach places or a nice sculpted, wooden scoop for her creamy body scrub? Not only do nice bath accessories help her look her best, they also give her bathroom a welcoming and elegant touch.

4. A Present for the Baby is a Gift for Her

Sometimes mother’s day gift ideas are inspired by a mom’s daily family routines. If she has a little one, some nice baby products could put a big smile on her face. Whether you choose a lotion infused with chamomile to enhance the baby’s sleep, or a gentle shower gel that doesn’t sting the eyes, she will thank you for remembering she is indeed a mother when mothers day comes.

5. Lighten her spirit with an aromatherapy diffuser

Most people like their homes nicely scented, and nothing diffuses home fragrance more naturally than reed diffusers. When you treat a busy mom to this simple yet stylish new way of adding fresh, relaxing or energizing fragrance to the rooms in her home, she will love the fact that she doesn’t have to lift a finger – her living space to look chic and smell like a million dollars with nearly no effort.

6. Enchanting Women’s Fragrances

Fragrances make timeless and appreciated good mother’s day gifts for almost all women – no matter their age or lifestyle. From lavish perfumes to wearable body sprays, this universal present makes a long-lasting impression that keeps giving long after she opens the gift box.

7. Mother’s day gift baskets

For when you need a top gift that comes perfectly matched with another and ready to unwrap, nothing beats beautiful gift baskets. Fragrances, soaps, bath salts, or any other gift that shows you care, delivered in elegant packaging will lift her spirits on any occasion – try it this mothers day and rest assured you will receive thank you after thank you.

Whether you are browsing for great mother’s day gifts to tell her you love her, to thank her for always being there or simply to show that you care, these gift ideas are sure to put a smile on her face.