Discover the best lightweight summer body lotions for moisturizing and sublime scent at Sabon NYC. Sulfate- and paraben-free, our luxurious lotions pamper you.

Different times of year call for different skincare products.

In the winter, most of us spend more time indoors than the summer, and the humidity is lower. This makes our skin feel drier and calls for heavier lotions and creams.

In the summer, we are more active and spend more time outside. It’s more humid and we sweat, but that doesn’t mean we can forego lotion. Our skin still needs love after all the time spent in the sun and wind. If we spend time in a swimming pool, there’s also chlorine to consider. However, we don’t want the thick, heavy feeling of moisturizing cream when we’re on the go. Lightweight lotions work better. A classic favorite is our Silky Body Milk. It's ultra-light and fast absorbing to keep skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

This summer, Sabon NYC is launching a new Body Gelée. It’s a refreshing, smooth and light-textured body gel moisturizer.

The best body lotion for the summer is one you can slather on and it will be easily absorbed. Sabon’s Body Gelée does just that. A formula enriched with moisturizing avocado oil and aloe vera extract. Aloe vera eases inflammation for all skin types and has antibacterial properties. It also heals burns and prevents wrinkles. When the temperature rises, a summer body lotion, should create a fresh cooling sensation on the skin. We’ve engineered our lightweight lotions to be both cool and hydrating.

Body Gelée is the best option for summertime, when the rule is the lighter the better. 

Body Gelée is available in the same five fragrances as Eau de Sabon: Delicate Jasmine, Patchouli Lavender Vanilla, Green Rose, Citrus Blossom and Musk. These scents were chosen for their lightness and association with summer, when flowers bloom and the air is full of sweet smells.

Sabon NYC Body Gelée and Eau de Sabon are perfect duo that ideally complete each other for a light summertime body care and a long-lasting scent.

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