Reawaken your skin with a spring-ready skincare routine. We break it down in this handy guide that’ll make your new favorite skin routine as simple as can be.

As the days gradually become longer and the weather slowly warms up, your skincare routine also needs to adapt. While the best skincare routines for winter often focus on intense hydration and protecting your skin from the cold, the spring season presents unique challenges that you can address with an updated skincare regimen. We’re here to help you - learn more about how to care for your skin during this season and which Sabon NYC products you need to add to your lineup.

Get Radiant Skin in the Spring

Because the winter season is typically very dry, frequent exfoliation should be avoided during this season. But in the spring, the air becomes a bit more balanced in terms of humidity, so you can finally bust out our Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub you’ve been dying to try. Try exfoliating your skin with our gentle body scrub two or three times a week to restore its radiant glow. Afterwards, you can use a lighter moisturizing formula than you needed in winter. Our nourishing moisturizers will leave your skin feeling silky smooth rather than greasy. Experience our Silky Body Milk, which features an ultra-light, fast-absorbing formula in a fresh and long lasting scent.

How to Protect Your Skin in the Spring

The mild weather in spring encourages many people to spend more time outdoors. Make sure you’re protecting your skin by removing any impurities or environmental pollutants accumulated throughout your day. Add our Anti Pollution Foaming Cleanser to your night skincare routine to remove the buildup of dirt, dust and grime from exposure to air pollution. Purify your pores and nourish your skin by applying a creamy Dead Sea Mud Mask once a week.

Another important way to protect your skin is to do a little spring-cleaning of your skincare products. Toss out any old makeup or expired skincare products that may have experienced a buildup of gunk, hardness or bacteria. When you go to replace these items, look for products enriched with healthy ingredients. At Sabon NYC, you can stock up on fresh items for your spring skincare routine that contain nourishing vitamins, oils and other essentials.

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