Sabon , the go-to boutique for everything bath and body, started with the creation of a single bar of lavender soap in 1974 in a small farming town in Israel. The brand has now has expanded into a full range of exceptional bath and body products, complete with a famous celebrity following that includes Kristin Davis, Susan Sarandon, Drew Barrymore and Julianne Moore.

Sabon strives to bring a unique and unforgettable shopping experience to each customer. Whether you are visiting one of the New York locations or shopping on the online store, Sabon offers shoppers an environment that inspires and captures the imagination, through a visual and sensory experience. Sabon celebrates the daily ritual of a bath by offering all-natural soaps, candles, aromatherapy oils, cosmetics, and body care products made at an agricultural co-op in Israel. Sabon brings a unique experience that nurtures the body, mind and soul through a wide range of great beauty products. 

Never will you experience an exfoliation such as Sabon’s most popular and best-selling Dead Sea Body Scrub made of salt crystals that are drenched in macadamia, almond and soy bean oils. The salts are mineral rich and are perfect for the gentle removal of dead skin cells to reveal new and radiant skin. Use twice weekly to improve circulation, and to nourish the skin. Shoppers can choose from fresh fragrances like Lavender Apple, Lemon Mint, Patchouli Lavender Vanilla, and Tropic.

We are all busy with the daily demands of life, sometimes it can be hard to fit personal spa time in to hectic days. However, Sabon has found a two–in-one solution to maximize your bath and shower time. Sabon’s Loofah soap is a glycerin-based soap poured into natural sea sponge.  Lather up to eliminate rough spots on knees, elbows and feet while cleansing the skin at the same time. Choose from scents like Amber, Lemon and Lavender. Sabon knows what the body needs to feel rejuvenated and make the most out of shower time. 
Sabon’s specialty soaps and products makes for an unusual yet perfect house warming gift for a new home, as their eco-friendly and chic packaging fit flawlessly with any bathroom.


Sabon’s gift baskets make gift giving easy with bath and body gift sets with all the essentials packed inside. Sabon also offers a unique Mother & Baby line that is gentle enough for baby’s skin. The line of Body Lotion, Body Oil and Shower Gel are made with the finest chamomile extracts and contains extracts of lavender, rose, orange and vanilla. All Mother & Baby products are all hypo-allergenic.

Sabon knows the importance of listening to your body and treating your body right. That’s why Sabon is dedicated to creating the finest and natural ingredients to nurture, protect and enhance your body inside and out. No matter what flaws we have, whether it is dry or oily skin, acne, irritated skin, or skin that is prone to redness, Sabon is there for you.