Whenever you start to feel particularly grumpy, overwhelmed or totally exhausted, your life may be missing a crucial element. That element is self-care. As the term suggests, self-care refers to the regular or even extraordinary practices you can weave into your life to ensure you're always looking, feeling and performing at your best. Not sure where to begin? We here at Sabon NYC came up with a bunch of self-care examples.

Daily Self-Care Habits

Start thinking of a few self-care habits you can incorporate into your daily life. While some, like getting enough sleep, may seem like a no-brainer, it may take some effort to make it happen.

  • Get enough sleep, with eight hours as the target
  • Stay hydrated, by drinking plenty of water
  • Eat healthy, energizing foods that you actually enjoy eating
  • Treat your body to nourishing hair, body and beauty products
  • Get up and move at least once an hour
  • Start your morning with a quiet moment of meditation, which can be as simple as thinking happy thoughts as you're sipping your morning coffee or tea
  • End your days with reflection, thinking about the good you've experienced and created over the past 24 hours

Extraordinary Self-Care Practices

Sometimes you need to go above and beyond the norm with self-care during a stressful time - like the holidays. We have some ideas here, too.

  • Schedule a whole day, or even several hours, just for you to do absolutely nothing you don't want to do
  • Take a long, luxurious bath to soak away your stress
  • Get a massage or a Reiki session
  • Take a long walk in nature
  • Celebrate your success, with a list of accomplishments you've achieved over the past year
  • Do something totally spontaneous and fun, like heading to a movie you want to see or treating yourself to a trip to your favorite museum

So the next time you feel out of sorts, spot check if you've been lacking in self-care lately. If the answer is yes, then take a moment to care for the most important person - you. Stock up on self-care pampering items at Sabon NYC now.