Sabon Scrub

Many of us primarily think of skin exfoliation as a method of enhancing beauty, but scrubs can also promote health and in some cases even cure skin problems. Whatever your age and skin type, your closest ally in maintaining healthy skin can be your body scrub. Here are some of the skin problems that often can be avoided or solved with the help of a good scrub regimen:

Dry Skin

Nothing helps deep hydration better than a rich scrub that both exfoliates and moisturizes. By choosing a natural body scrub without harsh chemicals you can gently massage away dry, damaged or dead skin cells, revealing softer and more receptive skin that allows moisture to penetrate deep down for lasting results. Scrubs containing oils from macadamia, almond or soybean will do wonders for dry skin problems since they combine organic moisture with natural nourishment, replenishing your own moisture barrier where it needs some help. If you have very sensitive dry skin, try a cream-based scrub since these are often more gentle. For rougher dry skin, even cracked heels or elbows, consider a sugar scrub infused with Jojoba oil; sugar is intensely hydrating and the vitamin E in Jojoba oil is incredible for restoring elasticity. By massaging and exfoliating dry and dull skin you prepare it best for your ultimate goal – which of course is to drench it in moisture. Oily skin

Cleansing and clarifying oily skin is something many of us deal with at one time or another in our lives. Oily skin not only gives our complexion an unwanted shine, it can also cause painful blemishes and spots that are difficult to treat. By choosing a creamy facial scrub that carefully polishes away dead skin cells and impurities while removing excess oils, you can give your skin a healthy and smooth surface without the use of harmful and harsh abrasives that can cause more damage and pain. Use scrubs with the antioxidant vitamin C to protect your skin from environmental pollutants that can cause excess oil to accumulate. To condition your skin as part of the polishing process and to neutralize any free radicals that can cause skin problems, choose products with vitamin E or Jojoba oil. By using a scrub to unclog pores, remove excess oil, condition your skin and protect it from external dangers, you are on your way towards saying goodbye to oil and shine.

Winter skin

Nothing makes winter any harder to get over than having rough skin. Luckily there are scrubs that can help you restore your skin’s natural balance, even after a season of harsh weather. To rediscover your natural beauty beneath those layers of dry and damaged skin you need to exfoliate, nourish and replenish moisturize. Pick a scrub that contains natural deep sea salts as it will gently polish away dead skin cells and impurities while infusing your complexion with minerals essential to healthy and vibrant skin. To bring back the youthful appeal of truly smooth skin, replenish your skin’s native moisture with macadamia nut oil – one out of many natural oils that can be found in good scrubs. Whether you have a skin problem that causes itching, blemishes, spots or other discomforts, choose your scrub well. Avoid harsh exfoliation products with chemicals, alcohol or astringents, and instead choose creamy or foamy scrubs that are rich in natural oils, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Sabon’s range of body scrubs has been created using the finest natural ingredients to help you smooth, hydrate, condition, soothe, brighten and firm your skin. For help in choosing the right Body Scrub, Foamy Scrub, Creamy Scrub or Sugar Scrub for your skin, we welcome you to contact us.