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It doesn’t matter how old you are and what lifestyle you lead – everything from work, living environment, diet, and stress can take its toll on your appearance. Nowhere else on your body does this show more clearly than your skin. As the pressures of busier and busier lives increase, more and more of us are reaching out for the best body therapies and scrubs to enhance how our skin looks and feels. Meanwhile, some argue that instead of buying these products we should make them at home. Here are 5 reasons you should be buying your body scrubs instead of making your own:

1. Time

The optimistic view that it is easy to ‘whip up’ a body scrub at home often leads to disappointment. While some of us are great at cooking, baking, sowing and doing all sorts of crafts, most of us have never prepared our very own beauty products. What may at first seem like a fabulous idea may soon turn into frustration and stress when your kitchen is covered in sticky salt and oil residue. Also, the time it takes to identify your ingredients, buy them, prepare them, blend them and then clean up after your experimental venture, can be very taxing. Not to mention the time it will take until you know if your scrub will give results– since you are making it yourself you are also the first one to test it of course. Just think about the time you could instead spend relaxing after a nice purchased scrub has done its magic.

2. Money

If salt and generic oil were all you needed for a therapeutic body scrub, it would probably not cost you much. But considering the wealth of goodness we all want – that is found inside such ingredients as the specific lavender, macadamia, almond and other fine oils used in good body scrubs – expect to pay good money to obtain all the ingredients for your scrub. 3. Ingredients

Do you think you can find all the ingredients of a good body scrub in your local store or supermarket? Makers of nice, natural body scrubs have spent years searching all corners of the globe to identify the elements that do wonders for your skin, making it hard to believe you can actually achieve the same results with ingredients from your local corner store. For example, natural body scrubs from brands such as Sabon (who make an incredible foamy scrub and a delicious creamy scrub) source their ingredients from some of the best, oldest and most proven beauty components in the world, including a wide range of fine herbs, salts and oils. Do you really feel that homemade body scrubs can measure up to such powerful secrets of nature? 4. Effect

Anyone who wants their body scrub to produce results would be wise to look at how it has been tested. In today’s age when so many gentle ways of testing beauty aids is available (without using animals or harming the environment) we can buy scrubs that we know will have effect on our particular skin type. Whether you are looking to restore elasticity, replenish moisture or prevent ageing, you are likely to find that by buying body scrubs you obtain a product with a proven track record of effectiveness – as opposed to the product obtained from following DIY body scrub recipes.

5. Aromatherapy

Treating your skin to a nice scrub is about more than buffing your skin – it is about an overall regenerating experience. From sparkling citrus to soothing lavender, the delicate balance and therapy found in professionally made body scrubs are inimitable.

So think twice before striking out on your own. There is most likely a perfect body scrub already available for you – putting in the effort to find it can be much more fruitful than making your own.