Must-See NYC Neighborhood: Chelsea


Between visions of Times Square, Central Park and the Empire State Building, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of the exciting possibilities New York City holds. With endless opportunities to explore, unlimited sights to see, and over 200 different neighborhoods – where do you start?

Chelsea is one of the most iconic New York City neighborhoods- local artists, extravagant shopping, artisan foods and booming nightlife. After you stop by the Sabon NYC boutique on 7th Ave, it’s time to explore the rest of Chelsea.


The High Line

Originally an elevated railroad system created to transport goods into the city, the High Line is now a unique outdoor escape that came to life along the east side of Manhattan. Stroll along the old, historic train tracks in Chelsea with the vibrant colors and engaging community. It features thoughtfully chosen artwork, landscaping, lounge chairs and benches and a panoramic view of the Hudson River and streets below. The High Line is without a doubt the most interesting place in Chelsea to catch a breath of fresh air.

Chelsea Market

Between its charming atmosphere and the delicious smells wafting through the walkways, Chelsea Market is the ultimate location for foodies and families. It is home to over 35 multicultural vendors, offering everything imaginable from fresh baked goods, to wine and cheese, to tacos. The marketplace also houses several shops showcasing local vendors and small businesses with unique, one-of-a-kind finds.

Chelsea Piers

The Chelsea Piers is the result of a long, expensive project developed to bring life back to the old ports of the neighborhood. It is a recreational hub, housing fitness and sports centers, nightlife, restaurants and much more. The piers take pride in being, “clean, safe, friendly and fun,” making it the ideal place for a day full of activities with family and friends.

Highline Ballroom

If you’re looking to plan a fun night out or enjoy a concert, the Highline Ballroom is the ideal destination for all things music and entertainment. There truly is something for everyone, with its ever-changing lineups and headline performers.


Madison Square Park

Enjoy a scenic stroll through Madison Square Park and soak up the history and beauty it is known for. The park is decorated with a plethora of colorful flowers, and on any given day you are likely to find an event of some sort drawing crowds. There is also plenty of art and gardens throughout to provide the perfect escape from the busy energy of the city.


Don't stop here. Continue to explore the gorgeous area all the way down to 14th street and over to 6th Ave. You'll discover quaint coffee shops and bakeries, trendy hotels, luxury high-rises and the best rooftop views. Next time you are in the area, let Sabon be your tour guide and live like a local. Explore and discover our beloved city and the many neighborhoods. Indulge in the sights, food and characteristics of each charming location-  NYC is always a good idea.