Summer is all about taking advantage of the long days and sunshine. No matter what you’re doing- beach days, barbecues or outdoor adventures- we all need a little (or a lot) of relaxation and down time. After being in the sun, your body needs and deserves a cool treat. Providing some relief to your skin is important to help maintain a healthy, radiant glow. Serve your skin some Sorbet Body Gel for the ultimate hydrating and moisturiuzing experience.

The cooling effects of this luscious gel will have your skin feeling refreshed and radiant from the aloe vera extracts. Best of all, the light and non-greasy gel won’t leave your skin feeling sticky in the summer heat. Our breakthrough formula contains avocado and palm tree oil for superior skin health. Available in a variety of different fragrances, all Sorbet Body Gels will have your skin feeling new and restored. For an extra summer treat, store your Sorbet in the fridge for a cool, refreshing sensatio on sun-kissed skin. Be sure to pick up your favorite Body Gel before it's too late, your skin will thank you.