Sure, you and the gals can always head to the nearest bar or restaurant to have the same kind of girls' night out that have been going on for decades. Or you can mix it up a bit with a few fresh ideas that provide new ways to bond and celebrate. We here at Sabon NYC rounded up some fun ideas for girls' night out to ensure you all have a blast.

Try Stargazing

Most cities have at least one, and often many more, places where you can go stargazing. It's a phenomenal way to spend some time admiring and pondering the mysteries of the universe. Do an online search for stargazing opportunities in your area and see what pops up. You can also try contacting a local astronomy club for guidance on how to make the activity into a girls' night out.

Go Painting

Paint Nite has become a popular way to get creative and have tons of fun, especially when you have a group that wants to go for it. The original Paint Nite has been renamed Yaymaker, and it involves a group painting class where you get to create your own take-home masterpiece. Browse the options of paintings and locations, then pick your favorite and go for go it.

Make Your Own Artisanal Soap

You know that luxury soap you and the ladies are always admiring? Why not learn to make it yourself? Soap Lab offers artisanal soap making classes in two New York City locations, giving you the chance to design and create your own soaps to take home. Enjoy a unique experience that comes with amazing benefits, both for your group and for you skin.

With these fresh girls' night out ideas at the ready, the traditional bar or restaurant can easily get left off the agenda. Feel free to contact Sabon NYC for more info on the soap making, and enjoy whatever option you select.