How to Wash Your Hands

Frequent hand-washing is always important to maintain optimum health, and it's become even more so during this uncertain time. For maximum effectiveness, it's important to follow proper hand-washing techniques and use high-quality products that both cleanse and nourish your skin. These tips from Sabon NYC can help.

Hand-Washing Steps

Proper hand washing involves five straightforward steps you should use every time. They are:

  1. Wet your hands with clean, warm or cold running water.
  2. Apply soap to your hands, lathering it up by rubbing your hands together. Make sure to lather up thoroughly, getting the lather on your palms, the back of your hands, under your nails and between your fingers.
  3. Continue to lather and rub your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Rinse the lather off your hands with clean, running water.
  5. Pat your hands dry with a clean towel, or air dry if desired.

How Long to Wash Hands?

The recommended amount of time you should spend lathering and rubbing your hands is 20 seconds. While you can always count to 20 or use a timer, you can also gauge the time another way. Simply sing or hum "Happy Birthday" twice all the way through. The amount of time that takes is typically around 20 seconds.

What Products to Use?

Proper hand-washing typically requires only two things: soap and water. But you may want to expand the products you use to further enhance the health of your hands. Traditional hand soaps can leave skin dry, cracked and irritated, especially during times when hand-washing is a constant habit.

Swapping out the traditional hand soap for a moisturizing soap can help decrease the dryness, and including a nourishing hand cream in the mix can help even more. Recommended products for proper hand-washing as well as proper hand care include:

Moisturizing hand soap: Look for a hand soap that is paraben-free, sulfate-free and enriched with nourishing ingredients. For an even bigger bonus, opt for a scented hand soap that brings a bit of aromatherapy into the mix.

Hand cream: Using hand cream after every hand-washing can help moisturize and nourish your skin even further. Scented hand creams are again a bonus, as are those that contain natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

Moisturizing gloves: Even with a moisturizing soap and cream, your hands can still get a dry and irritated from constant washing. In this case, a pair of moisturizing gloves can help lock in hydration. Slip on a pair of moisturizing gloves after applying hand lotion or cream, and leave them on for at least one hour. Leaving them on overnight provides even better results, as does using them twice a week.

What If There's No Soap and Water?

If you're out or in a place with no access to soap and water, you can still cleanse your hands with hand sanitizer.

  1. Apply the product-recommended amount of sanitizer to the palm of one hand.
  2. Rub the gel on the palms, back of hands and all other surfaces of your hands, a process that should last at least 20 seconds.

The best hand sanitizers contain natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

With the proper hand-washing techniques and high-quality, nourishing hand care products, you can keep your hands cleansed, soft and healthy. Keep them even healthier with the full line of hand care products from Sabon NYC.