When it's not possible to get to a spa, you can bring the spa right home to you. Having a spa day - in the comfort of your home - is a luxurious way to give yourself the pampering and care you so richly deserve, and we here at Sabon NYC have just the tips you need to do it up right.

Create the Ambiance

Before you even get started with your home spa treatments, you want to set the ambiance. Depending on type of mood you want to create, this can involve setting up an aroma reed diffuser or two around the bathroom, arranging aromatic candles around the edge of the tub, or both. Select a playlist of soothing music, bring in a pitcher of fruit-infused water-and don't forget to shut off your phone.

Draw a Bath

No matter what other types of treatments a home spa day includes, the most luxurious experiences always involve a bath. Fill the tub with warm water and your choice of delectable bath soak. Options here include fragrant bath balls, bubbly bath foam, or rejuvenating bath salts or mineral powder.

Revitalize Your Body

As you relax in your fragrant tub, choose a way to pamper your skin from head to toe. An exfoliating body scrub does wonders here, especially if it contains vitamins, natural oils and other powerful nutrients. One of the most powerful ingredients is Dead Sea salt, which is a signature ingredient in Sabon NYC body scrubs.

Pamper Your Face

Now that your senses are soothed and your body revived, it's time to pay attention to your face. Delicate facial skin requires a special facial treatment, and you have a host of sumptuous facial products from which to choose. Start with a cleanser and toner to leave your facial skin sensationally cleansed and refreshed. Then opt for a hydrating facial mask, the perfect treatment for your face as you complete your deep soak in the tub.

Finish off your relaxing treatment by slathering nourishing lotion on your freshly bathed skin and slipping into something soft and comfortable. Then make sure you put your next spa day at home on your calendar, stocking up on any new products you want to try for the next one. Shop Sabon NYC now.

How to Have a Spa Day at Home