Scented products make sensational gifts - as long as you pick a scent the recipients are likely to adore. But how do you go about selecting a scent for a product you're giving as a gift when you can't give it a sniff-test first? Since we have so many scents in our own collection, Sabon NYC also has a lineup of tips that will help you choose the right scent for the right person.

What's Their Personality?

Is your recipient bold and outgoing? Or are they quiet, shy and prefer keeping to themselves? People who enjoy attention may be more apt to enjoy bolder, more noticeable or exotic scents - like Patchouli Lavender Rose. Those who have a quieter nature may prefer softer aromas, like Delicate Jasmine.

What do They Like to Eat and Drink?

Folks who dig red wine, spicy foods and dishes with savory flavors may enjoy deeper, hearty scents, like a marvelous Musk. You're in luck if your recipient is big on desserts and other sweets, as they'll surely go nuts for scents like Vanilla or even Vanilla Coconut. Fans of tropical cocktails and fresh fruits may go just as crazy for scents like Citrus Blossom.

What's Their Everyday Style?

Think about the types of clothes your recipient wears, along with their overall style. Do they wear loud, flamboyant outfits and giant sunglasses? Or do they prefer a more classic look with tailored trousers and traditional accessories?

People who adore attention-getting outfits are likely to also enjoy deep scents, while those who are understated may prefer lighter, fresher aromas. For the deep scents, try something like Woody Patchouli. For the understated, go for something like Green Rose.

Once you have a good feel for an individual's personality, tastes and style, you'll have a good idea about the type of scents that aligns with all of the above. Keep in mind that the wide range of scents at Sabon NYC are available in an equally wide range of products, so there's certainly something for everyone to enjoy.