You’ve finished your favorite Sabon product, using it down to the very last drop. But now what do you do with your empty container?  While recycling is always a great option, the possibilities are quite endless for giving this item a second life.


We at Sabon are dedicated to an ecofriendly lifestyle. Our containers are made with the purpose of reuse in mind. Here are four great ideas to get you started:


Floral Display

Empty jars and bottles can be used for small potted plants, terrariums or as a vase to showcase a beautiful bouquet. Wrap with twine or ribbon for an added decorative touch.

TIP: If you are using our scrub jar for potted plants, we suggest adding a layer of pebbles or stones to help avoid overwatering your plant.


Votive Candle Holder

Our body scrub jar is the perfect vessel for keeping the flame going on any candle. Place a candle inside the jar and enjoy your evening safely and in style. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Bathroom Organization

Make getting ready in the morning a breeze by filling your empty jar with cotton balls, q-tips, hair accessories, makeup brushes and any other bathroom necessities.


Office Supplies

Keep your office supplies (paper clips, thumb tacks, pens) organized and ready to grab at a moment’s notice!  

 TIP: Don’t forget to write yourself a note to reorder your favorite Sabon product!


Do you have a creative use for your empty Sabon containers? We would love to see! Share on social media using #RecycleSabonNYC