Find out what a mineral bath does for you and your health, and how to create a DIY spa night with Sabon NYC’s Dead Sea salt bath powders and blends.

The Benefits of Bath Salts.

People around the world spend millions of dollars on visits to day spas. The treatments available there help us relax and feel better both mentally and physically.

The easiest, most cost-effective way to create a spa experience for yourself in your own home is by soaking in a tub full of bath salts.

One popular option for such a DIY spa night is to add Epsom salt to your bathwater. Epsom salt benefits include relief from muscle pain and stiffness, arthritis symptoms, anxiety and stress symptoms and skin conditions.

While that’s good, there are much higher-quality options for a mineral bath than Epsom salt. The enriching bath salts and mineral powders crafted by Sabon NYC contain Dead Sea salt, which differs considerably from both Epsom salt and regular ocean salt. While Epsom salt is essentially just magnesium, Sabon NYC’s blends contain a lot of other minerals and nutrients.

What does a mineral bath do for you? Here are a few highlights:

  • Mental: One of the biggest benefits to bath salts or a mineral bath is mental and emotional restoration. Lying quietly in water with bath salts helps still your mind and reduces anxiety and stress. The knowledge that you are doing something physically healing amplifies those feelings of peace and contentment, similar to meditation. You should have more energy during the day and sleep deeper at night. Choose a scent you will enjoy like rose or jasmine.
  • Skin: A mineral bath is particularly healthy for skin and effective in easing a number of ailments. Warm water opens your pores, and salts will naturally draw out oil, dirt and other impurities. The water and mineral combination is known to heal dry skin so your skin appears more radiant. Conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and will be less apparent. Even sunburn pain and redness will lessen. The minerals soften calloused skin and assist with exfoliation of dead cells. Dead Sea salt as found in many Sabon NYC products and blends, such as summery honey peach and soothing lavender bath salts, is particularly known to be good for skin.
  • Feet: Mineral baths have a deodorizing effect that will reduce or eliminate foot odor. Athlete’s foot will get better and swelling in tired feet will shrink. Toenail fungus may also be helped, but that would require frequent baths. A mineral bath will relieve the pain and pressure from an ingrown toenail and help draw out unwanted fluid.
  • Muscles & Joints: Magnesium and the other minerals from mineral blends like this woody patchouli mineral powder will soak through the skin to muscles and joints. Half of all Americans are lacking in magnesium, especially fibromyalgia sufferers. A mineral bath reduces the pain caused by this disorder.
  • Heart & Circulation: In addition to the mineral benefits, soaking in water is good for the heart and blood circulation. It pressures the body and gets the heart pumping, like exercising without actually exercising. This may lower blood pressure afterward and cure headaches by improving blood flow to the brain.
  • Muscles & Joints: Mineral baths also have a relaxing effect on muscles, which allows those sore or stiff from overuse to recover faster. On top of that, arthritis is mitigated and joint pain is relieved.

How do you make a mineral bath?

Simply fill your tub with water and shake a desirable amount of bath salts into the tub. Allow the salt to dissolve, then indulge. Sabon NYC’s containers are easy to open and pour. The amount of bath salt to use is a personal preference. Experiment and enjoy.

DIY Spa Night