Mother Nature nurtures and delights us every day, making it our pleasure to celebrate her on Earth Day. Join Sabon NYC in this celebration by making a conscious effort to take action that helps to preserve and honor her bounty.

Get Outside in Nature

One of the easiest and most rejuvenating ways to pay homage to our earth is to get outside in nature. Take a brisk walk around a nearby park or pond, or plan a hike in the woods, prairie or desert. Embrace and enjoy whatever natural environment surrounds you, letting the magic of nature wash over you with every step.


Taking the extra few seconds to rinse out a can or bottle to properly recycle it can indeed make a big difference. Review your community recycling program guidelines, and then do your best to weave recycling into your regular habits. Getting your kids involved in this endeavor is an ideal way to pass on positive habits throughout the generations.


Get creative with items that have seemed to have outlived their usefulness. Artists have a great eye for upcycling and transforming one item into another, but you don't necessarily have to create a work of art. Use old clothing trimmings or fabric for bows or adornments on gifts. Transform a long, printed skirt into a window sash or table cloth. Donating unwanted items is another way to pass along their usefulness. Think of alternatives for simply throwing away something that no longer appears to serve you.

Think Reusable

Take a quick inventory of items you consistently throw away-like water bottles, coffee cups and shopping bags. Then invest in reusable versions of all of the above. You'll find an amazing line of sophisticated reusable water bottles and coffee cups. The same holds true for tote bags, like our Sabon Reusable Tote. Not only is it durable and stylish, but it folds into its own pouch for easy storage.

Log Out and Shut Down

While many need to use electronics for their jobs, don't take them home with you on Earth Day. Try spending less time on your computer or phone and more time out enjoying nature or coming up with creative upcycling projects. Make an extra effort to shut off appliances that are not being used at the moment, as well as extra lights when you are leaving the room. It may sound small and simple, but you may be surprised at the big difference it can make if everyone gave it a go.

Use Earth-Friendly Bath and Body Products

Your body is your temple, and you can honor and support it best with bath and body products made with love, care and natural ingredients. Sabon NYC products are inspired by nature, with delicate herbs, botanicals and nutrients. Our Dead Sea Collection is inspired by the healing properties of the Dead Sea itself, containing vital minerals and salts that soothe and nourish your skin.

Harsh chemicals are not only detrimental to your skin, but they can have an impact on the earth when you wash them down the drain. Choose soaps, body washes and scrubs that are sulfate-free, paraben-free and kind to the earth.

These Earth Day tips are straightforward and simple, but they can also be extremely rewarding. In fact, they may be rewarding enough for you to incorporate them into your life every day of the year. Get started now with by stocking up on earth-friendly luxury bath and body products from Sabon NYC.