Body Butter

What is body butter and how is it different from lotion?

Body butter, in our opinion is simply one of life’s secret little luxuries – affordable and efficient. It’s truly a pampering practice that’ll leave you feeling like royalty. Focus spreading body butter on dry parts of your body such as your legs, feet and hands. The nutrients work in renewing and moisturizing the skin cells.

All body butters are rich in skin-nourishing vitamins; essential omega 3 fats (these fats benefit the body internally and externally) and key antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E are all included. Shea butter contains extra vitamin E to rejuvenate exhausted skin. Body butter is technically a super-concentrated lotion. By containing less water and more butters along with essential oils, it’s extra moisturizing and nourishing. 

Body butters form a protective barrier over the skin to retain moisture by naturally melting along with your body temperature and absorbing into your skin.The Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter will not only deeply hydrate the skin, but also assist in reducing stretch marks and scarring by healing the skin and helping it regenerate. This lush (yet surprisingly lightweight) hydrator delivers the perfect at home remedy for oneself all year round. Go ahead and treat yourself, repair your dry winter skin or refresh sun-kissed summer skin with a body butter from Sabon.