August in NYC - it’s hot, humid, sticky, and pretty unbearable. When the heat wave strikes in NYC, we do anything and everything possible to help our bodies and mind stay cool. As the temperature outside increases, our motivation to maintain our healthy habits slowly but surely declines. We turn to ice cold treats, lazy days in the AC, and stick with little to no activity to avoid our bodies overheating.

Us New Yorkers are always running around from point A to point B, and we all can agree that the NYC heat makes it tough for us to run around without feeling overwhelmed. The number one reason the heat causes us to become dizzy and exhausted is that we are completely dehydrated. That’s it – hydration is the KEY to surviving this last month of summer. Your entire body needs the necessary nutrients to keep you feeling healthy and energized.

Here at Sabon NYC, we aim to create products that offer a healing experience through natural ingredients. Mother Earth provides us with the powerful secrets needed to offer exceptional bath and body products to cleanse and renew. Our products are created from Dead Sea salts and minerals, and delicate herbs, oils and flowers from the Israeli countryside. Each product is packed with necessary vitamins through an assortment of natural oils, such as Olive, Avocado, Jojoba and Wheat Germ, or creams such as Shea butter and Aloe-Vera. All products are SLS & paraben free.

We decided to team up with our friends at Juice Generation to help you beat the heat this August with magical skincare products and refreshing juice.

Juice Generation is New York’s favorite premier juice bar focused on locally grown, organic produce. The juice works to replace toxins with fuel through power-rich nutrients and antioxidants for the ultimate detox.

We usually focus on drinking liquids to provide hydration to our bodies, but forget that our skin needs it as well. Taking time to provide hydration to your skin is extremely important and beneficial when the heat wave strikes. Sweating and sunburns will cause your skin to become dehydrated and dry, leaving us to feel a loss of energy. Sabon offers an array of different skin care products for all skin types in a variety of fragrances focused on keeping your summer skin as fresh as possible.

A Juice Generation cleanse plus Sabon NYC products equal a natural, beautiful glow with a fresh body, mind and soul. We put all of the products to the test to help unveil our glow from the inside out. It’s the perfect way to reboot your health and kick-start a healthier, natural summer shine. A 3-day cleanse combined with Sabon NYC skin care products will do wonders, and we proved it …


Day One: The first day of a juice cleanse can pretty tough, especially not knowing exactly what your body will experience in the next few days. However, I was pretty shocked to find out how energized, refreshed and satisfied I felt all day long. I began the day with a ‘Get Ur Green On’ juice and Sabon’s Lemon Mint Renewal Face Polisher. Together, this immediately woke up my senses and helped prepare for a productive morning. Throughout the day, my personal favorite was the ‘Spicy Lemonade’ juice. It was a little bit after my typical lunch time when my stomach started rumbling and the day-dreaming of guilty pleasures began. Just a few sips and the hunger cravings were replaced with a refreshing kick. The mix of cayenne, agave, lemon and lime really clench your appetite while providing a boost of Vitamin C. I ended the day by creating my own mini spa treatment with the relaxing Dead Sea Mud Mask to enhance the appearance of my skin and detoxify. The Mud Mask is a thick, creamy mask loaded with minerals from the Dead Sea. After the mask dries and is washed off with warm water, the facial skin is immediately purified with a silky smooth feel.

Day Two: I woke up energized and bright, and to my surprise no groggy or grouchy feelings. The Mud Mask provided overnight results with a noticeably brighter complexion. I found it was beneficial today to mix in herbal tea and nuts in between a few juices to help satisfy the taste buds. Overall, the juice’s variety of flavors and natural ingredients are so delicious that I was looking forward to the next juice after one was finished. Sabon’s Kiwi Mango Body Butter was a skincare essential for today. The thick moisturizer provides complete nourishment throughout the body, while leaving behind a summery, fruity fragrance. The moisture lasted on my skin throughout the entire day, without a slimy or greasy feel. The fresh sensation hydrated my sun-kissed skin and noticeably helped avoid cracking, flaking and peeling. My last and favorite juice of the day was ‘Protein Buzz’. The ingredients include banana, blueberry, nut milk, plant protein and raspberry. It’s the perfect type of creamy juice I was craving before bed time. I added a few blueberries and blackberries on top to add a special treat- basically created my own little dessert that hit the spot.

Day Three: I couldn’t believe how fast these days went by and how rejuvenated and clean my body felt. Today was extra hot and humid compared to the previous days, and I definitely felt prepared.  I felt refreshed, radiant, airy and cool- something my body hasn’t experienced all summer to this extent. My skin was in need of a refreshing treat, so Fresh Breeze Sorbet Body Gel became my best friend. I keep this product in the fridge to provide an extra cooling sensation with the cold texture. The formula contains avocado oil and aloe-vera and offers vitamins A, D and E. The #99DaysOfSummer Watermelon juice was perfection for the extra hot day. This sweet taste transported me from my office desk to the beach. The refreshing mixture of watermelon, lime and cherry was crazy hydrating and packed with chlorophyll and antioxidants.


It’s safe to say the Juice Generation + Sabon cleanse was a huge success. My body and skin were nourished with noticeable results. After the cleanse ended, I continued to start my day with juice and treat myself to Sabon products throughout the entire day.  for a few days because of the amazing energetic kick it provided me with in the morning. So it’s official- next time you’re feeling exhausted and weak from the extreme heat, make a few pit stops at Sabon NYC and Juice Generation for the ultimate summer cure.