As if taking a bath isn't a treat enough on its own, you can make the experience even more luxurious with a bath bomb. You've certainly seen bath bombs for sale right in certain shops, including right here at Sabon NYC, but you may not be sure what's in them or what they're all about. We're here to clear up the mystery with everything you need to know about bath bombs.

Why do Bath Bombs Fizz?

Bath bombs contain a combination of ingredients that can range from Dead Sea salts and minerals to rose petals and various heavenly aromas. Two of those ingredients are citric acid and bicarbonate of soda, also known as baking soda.

When the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda hit the water, a chemical reaction occurs. This reaction creates carbon dioxide that, in turn, causes the fizzing in the water.

Bath Bombs vs. Bath Fizzies

Although the terms bath bombs and bath fizzies are sometimes used interchangeably, they are two different things. Bath bombs are typically larger, contain skin-enhancing oils, produce a foaming effect, and give the water a rich, luxurious feel. Bath fizzies are generally smaller, don't necessarily contain oils, produce a fizzing effect, and give the water an uplifting, invigorating feel.

How to Use Bath Bombs

Using a bath bomb is easy, requiring little effort in exchange for monumental rewards. Simply fill the bathtub with warm water, dropping a bath bomb into the water right before you're about to get in.

What are Bath Bombs For?

As they're adding foaming goodness to your bath water, bath bombs also release skin softeners and emollients. Taking a bath with a bath bomb can leave your skin silky, soft and supple. Added perks include a sensational aroma as well as beneficial minerals and salts.

Are Bath Bombs Safe?

The safety of a bath bomb depends on the ingredients used. While we can't speak for all bath bombs across the world, we can say that Sabon NYC bath bombs are safe. They contain ingredients designed to enhance your skin and experience, and are completely sulfate and paraben-free.

Do Bath Bombs Expire?

Like most body products enhanced with natural ingredients, bath bombs are best used as quickly as possible-although you do have a bit of leeway. Overall, bath bomb ingredients have a long shelf life, but you still want to use them within six months or so. That's because the citric acid begins to lose its potency over an extended period.

Now that you have a good handle on what bath bombs are all about, all that's left to do is give them a try. Sabon NYC creates and carries a fine line of bath bombs to suit a variety of tastes, with options that include musk, lavender, honey peach and even a couple that contain rose petals. For the record, we refer to our bath bombs as bath balls, so that's what you'll be looking for when you're aiming to truly luxuriate in the tub. Shop bath balls at Sabon NYC now.

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