Most of us agree that we can do more to bring our lives into better balance with nature. Even little decisions, such as choosing the proper hand soap or recycling our daily newspaper, can help improve the health of our planet, and our own health! If you are ready to show Mother Nature some love, here are 5 ways to incorporate eco friendly habits into your everyday life:

1. Be green at home! Eco friendly living always starts at the heart of your existence - your home. Small changes in habits can really reduce waste and improve the quality of your home life, and will even help cut back on bills. Always sort and recycle your paper, plastic and glass waste. Turn off your lights and electronics when not in use, turn down your water pressure while shampooing your hair or lathering up in the shower and never leave water running while doing dishes. Invest in recycled glass kitchenware, bamboo items, all-natural cleaners and only purchase new furniture made from sustainable materials or recycled goods. If you can, install light sensors, low-flow aerators, solar panels and purchase energy efficient appliances.

2. Make your workplace eco friendly. Eco friendly business practices is a concept that sounds more complicated than it actually is. If your office is not already minimizing printing and photocopying, try and discuss other ways to reduce this output. Take the lead on a recycling plan. Business owners can reduce energy waste by turning off electronics, heat, air conditioning and lights at night. There are many quality office chairs and furnishings made from recyclable materials; research and invest in these!

3. Shop eco friendly products. From your eye drops to your patio furniture, purchasing green items is always an option. Look for the USDA label while you're food shopping. If unsure, always ask store employees about the products you are buying. Everything from eco friendly robomowers to bio bags makes the important statement that our planet is worth saving.

4. Wear eco friendly clothes made from incredible materials such as bamboo and 100% recycled cotton. By wearing clothes made from recycled or sustainable materials, you help save nature's resources and help keep the air, oceans and earth cleaner by avoiding clothes made from harmful dyes or synthetic processing.

5. Choose eco friendly bedding. Your sleep environment can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing. By choosing organic sheets, pillows and covers, you can help alleviate skin irritations and allergies. If you do not suffer from these conditions, it is still beneficial to keep skin safe from harmful chemicals used during processing. Eco friendly bedding, whether it is made from bamboo or luxuriously soft cotton, helps keep our oceans clear from toxins and our air free from dangerous chemical pollutants.

Always remember that even the smallest step can still make a difference. Let's all work together and care for this beautiful planet we live on.