Nothing relieves tension and revitalizes our senses more than a perfect bath. But having a nourishing and healthful bath is not just about immersing your body in water and cleansing, it is about pampering your body, mind and soul. Here are 10 ways to ensure you get the most out of your bath:

1. Prepare your bath environment. In order for your body to receive the cleansing and revitalization it needs, your tub and surrounding surfaces need to feel crisp and fresh. And, in order for your mind to unwind, you need to de-clutter your space. Scented candles in calming lavender or heart warming vanilla coconut, depending on your mood, will help create a stressfree atmosphere. 

2. Set the right temperature for your bath water. Make sure the temperature is perfectly warm, and not too hot. Hot water can dry your skin and cause redness or irritation.

3. Add the right bath essentials. Whether you drop in a fizzy bath ball, scoop in a deliciously foamy body scrub, or splash in some therapeutic, aromatic massage oil to melt away stress, this step of your bathing process sets the tone for your entire experience.

4. Turn off all disturbances. Before you dip as much as a toe in, make sure no phone calls or text messages can interrupt your peaceful mindset. Turn off TVs and computers in nearby rooms to ensure complete tranquility. Turn off the lights if your eyes are tired.

5. Turn on some music. Whether your idea of blissful sounds is a whale song or punk ballads, having something playing can help you relax. If silence is your friend, naturally you should go that way.

6. Soak, soak, soak. When the water temperature is right, and you feel at ease with the surroundings, immerse yourself and relax for 15-20 minutes.

7. Cleanse thoroughly and comfortably. After you have relaxed and your skin has been nourished, buff dull surfaces. Whether you prefer a natural brown sugar body scrub, or a gentle cleanser applied with a bath brush, use circular motion and go gently. If you use a foamy scrub that is also a wash, you are all set. Otherwise cleanse after your scrub is completed.

8. Rinse and dry delicately. A calming bath loses effect if you end up rushing the final steps. Make sure the running water you use to rinse is the right temperature before you wash. Pat your skin dry, do not scrub your skin with your towel as this may dry out skin and remove essential oils.

9. Moisturize right away. When your skin is still damp, apply your favorite moisturizer. If you wait until your skin is completely dry, you may lose the opportunity to lock in the moisture benefits from your bath. Choose rich body butters for dry skin, lotions for normal skin and a non-greasy sorbet body gel for shiny complexions.

10. Take the feeling with you. When you walk away from your bath, take the state of mind you have achieved with you to the next room. Slip into a comfy pique robe, and a pair of cozy slippers. Before you sink down on your sofa, light a few more of your favorite scented candles or warm up a few drops of aromatic oils – your mind, body and soul will thank you.

In the end, the perfect bath for you is one that takes best care of your body. It doesn’t matter if your favorite bath accessories include glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks or luxurious bath salts – as long you feel healthy, rejuvenated and beautiful as a result.