Shop our Eau de Sabon in our bestselling scents. It’s more concentrated than a body mist yet less concentrated than a traditional perfume. The result is a light and fresh but long-lasting wear.

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Fragrance reflects who you are but it also transform moods, boost energy and inspire confidence. Pick your favorite scent within the Sabon USA Fragrance collection. Eau de Sabon, a unique formulation more concentrated than a typical body mist yet less concentrated than traditional perfume, is the perfect way to embrace and carry a scent without the risk of overpowering. Sabon Fragrance also makes a sensational gift.

Choose from feminine fragrances, radiant touches of citrus, florals scents like jasmine, lavender and rose or unique combinations such as patchouli lavender vanilla and ginger orange and tropic to elevate traditional scents for an entirely new experience.

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